Dear TGC Queens,

In case you missed Sunday, June 25th, our church had the opportunity to make several exciting announcements about the future structure of our church. I wanted to take a moment to make sure you heard directly from me, Seth, about the next steps.

To recap, I was extremely blessed to be commissioned forward as the new pastor of the church. It was a special and important morning for my wife Jenavene and myself, and we are greatly looking forward to serving in this capacity. 

We then were able to continue the Sunday with a series of commissionings and announcements for our new church structure of governance, staffing, and pastoral care. As part of the process of moving from Trinity Grace Church and becoming our own independent 501c3 non-profit, it was important to me as I step forward in this new leadership role to also develop and install a robust team for shared leadership, accountability, and span of care. By doing this I believe we are exponentially stronger together than we could be apart, and it allows our church to move forward in strength, transparency, and scalability. 

We had the pleasure of commissioning the following team members:

Board of Directors:
Kirby Leung
Nancy Spencer
Jeremy Goss

New Deacons:
Susan Koch
Steve Koch
Christina Cooper

New Children’s Ministry Team Directors:
Ashley Parizek: Coordinator/Admin, and Director of Pre-k and Nursery
Alex and Jake Dinsmore: Directors of Elementary and development of youth program 

A note about each commissioning:

Board of Directors: 
The Board of Directors will meet all of our legal and financial requirements for the state of NY, and oversee all of the fiscal and pastoral accountability for our church as a local body. 

We believe that to care for the people of this community it takes more than just one or two shepherds. We all carry this role one to another. However, additionally we have identified specific individuals in our church to oversee areas of ministry and care as deacons in our church. 

Our Deacon Structure is as follows:
Ashli Lotz: Marriage and Family
Liz and Luis Mendoza: Prayer Ministry
Jacob Thornhill: New Guests and Discipleship
Steve and Susan Koch: Hospitality and Benevolence
Christina Cooper: Community Life

Children’s Ministry Team:
We believe that by moving forward with a Children’s Ministry Team we will increase our capacity for growth, care and sustainability, as we seek to disciple our children in the way of Jesus. 

Lastly, we announced two important dates in the life of our church:
8/13: We will be releasing the new name of our church. This will give us a month period of time to build toward our re-launch. 
9/10: We will be holding a re-launching service for the church with an exciting day of vision and new groups and courses being announced. We hope to see you all there! 

Please feel free to reach out to myself, the church staff, or one of our board members or deacons with any questions that you may have. We are excited about what God is doing in our community and we look forward to all that He has in store for us.

God bless, 
Seth Bazacas